“My name is Keith Berry I work for Instron in the United States; Metalinspec is our sales and service agent in Mexico. They recently sold a very complicated instrument to Pemex that required myself to go to Pemex and install the instrument and train their operators.

I do not speak Spanish so we required the Metalinspec provide a translator. They chose to hire someone from Babilon Language Coaching. The young man that was assigned this job was Omar, and I wanted to take few moments to let you know what wonderful job he did for me.

Omar obviously did not have any previously experience with this instrument or the plastic industry so there was a lot of technical jargon that he was not familiar with, however he had taken the time to read the operating manuals for the instrument to become more familiar and spoke with me prior to the training course to learn more and clarify some things.

Omar is not only very professional and did an absolutely wonder job for me, he also was very personable and was a pleasure to be with during non-working hours.

All too frequently supervisors only hear the complaints about someone and I just wanted his supervisors to know that he did a fantastic job and my visit to Pemex would not have been the success it was without Omar’s help.

So my thanks to Omar for the effort and work he put into this job, and Babilon Language Coaching for providing such highly skilled interpreters.”

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