Nuestro programa del Teachers Training courses una mezcla entre un curso de Preparación para el “Teaching Knowledge Test“ y el de Teacher’s, por lo cual al finalizar tus estudios con nosotros, no solo serás capaz de presentar el TKT y obtener una calificación exitosa, sino que además hemos integrado prácticas con alumnos reales y observación de clases para que estés listo para trabajar como maestro de Inglés.

Además de esto brindamos asesoría y estamos contigo en cada parte del proceso, en caso de que te interese acreditarte ante la SEP como maestro de Inglés además de presentar el TKT.

Cursos Intensivos

¿Te urge terminar el curso y presentar el TKT o comenzar a trabajar? Entonces nuestros cursos intensivos son para ti. Ven de lunes a viernes por 5 horas y en 5 semanas estarás listo sin perderte nada de lo que ofrecemos en el curso extensivo.

Cursos Extensivos

A través de 120 horas de clases y prácticas a te prepararemos para cumplir tus objetivos en sesiones de 2 horas, 3 veces a la semana o sesiones sabatinas de 5 horas. Después de 6 meses ¡estarás listo para tu examen!


The Teacher Training Course is a 120 hour (up to 20 hours real teaching practice) modular course with four main modules covering everything that you need to know in order to teach successfully English.

The Language Analysis module looks in detail at English grammar and the technical building blocks that are essential knowledge for all English teachers. Not only you learn how the English language works but what is the best way to teach it to students, what difficulties they go through in the learning process and how to overcome them.

Each module has an assessment at its end and for the Language Analysis module it is a grammar test.

The Fundamentals module focuses on some of the different methodologies and approaches to teaching. The classes look at second language acquisition theory, teaching vs. learning and different learning strategies. We guide you to find an answer to the question “What makes a good teacher?” and to enable you to discover the teacher in you. The assessment for this module is an assignment where you have to analyze several different teaching methodologies and create your own mini course syllabus.

The Lesson Planning module is very practical and gives you the most important skills in language teaching, which are creating and adapting communicative learning material and teaching beginners without using the learners’ native tongue for translating the vocabulary and the structures. Here we get you to work on creating activities or lesson plans. Its workshop format turns the module into an engaging and creative space where the trainees discover their most creative side. The Teacher Training Course shows you how to teach complete beginners solely using the target language, English, which means that you can teach English to people all around the world.

The Teaching Skills module contains a lot of the key issues about delivering successful classes and includes sessions on classroom management, error correction, preparing students for exams, level testing, teaching English by conference calls and English for specific purposes, such as English in Law, English in Medicine, Business English, English for young learners, etc. We give you assistance for developing a career as an English teacher with practical tips and advice. There’s also an exam, which tests your knowledge of how to teach various aspects of the language.


  • The process for joining the Teacher Training course is simple:
  • Call us to book an interview slot with us.
  • Have a chat with us about the course. We want to know why you want to teach English and also you will be able to ask any question you like.
  • Receive a call to join the course.
  • Secure your place by paying a deposit.
  • Start the course and pay the remainder of the course fee.
  • Begin your journey into the English teaching world!


The interview is important in order to fully evaluate your application before deciding whether you are accepted on the course.

Following a successful interview you will receive a confirmation call from Babilon Language Coaching and an e-mail officially offering you a place on the course.

Then all you need to do is to organize payment of your deposit to secure your place on the course (50% of the total fee).

The remainder of the course fee is due on the first day of the course.


English teaching practice is the most important issue in our Teacher Training Course and what makes this course significantly different from any other teacher´s course. We realized that many graduates after being accredited in many schools around the world were being sent out into the English teaching world ill-prepared and with a lack of real experience, so during our course we aim to get every student to complete up to 20 hours of observations and practical teaching sessions with ‘real’ students.

Through this real practice, you will achieve the confidence to teach at any situation and more importantly without having to use resources such translation. You will be prepared to teach in any country in the world.

This is one of the most useful ways of getting a job afterwards because you can demonstrate that you’ve had experience with a range of different groups, from one-to-one to larger groups, beginners to advanced, kids and teens to adults and even some English for specific purpose courses. Couple this with the detailed English grammar knowledge that you will be able to demonstrate after passing our Grammar Test and you will be much better prepared to head out into the world of English Language Teaching.

The teaching practice is also filtered throughout the time that you study the course. So, for example, right from the start you go to a class and observe one of our senior teachers. You are encouraged to take notes about the students’ problems and observe how the teacher deals with them. Then you can co-teach with one of our senior teachers. This is important because you can learn useful techniques from experienced teachers and you get to practice teaching with ‘real’ students rather than people that are just getting classes for free. Finally, presuming your teacher training course trainer confirms you are ready; you will be able to teach whole classes. There will still be a Babilon teacher there to give you any suggestions for improvement and complete your teaching report.

Enlaces útiles

¿Por qué hacer el curso en Babilon Language Coaching?

Babilon Language Coaching cuenta con más de 6 años de experiencia como centro preparador de exámenes de Inglés de Cambridge ESOL tales como el FCE, ofreciendo cursos de preparación tanto intensivos como extensivos con profesores expertos. Nuestros cursos de preparación de exámenes son dinámicos y están enfocados en preparar a nuestros alumnos para que adquieran las habilidades necesarias para identificar y afrontar las preguntas del examen. Proveemos apoyo antes del examen y un servicio personal y profesional para hacer tu día de examen lo más exitoso posible.

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